Crystal Palace Food Market: hanging in for a WIN…

I love Crystal Palace market but work Saturdays so can’t get there very often. This reminds me what I am missing. #yummers

Toast & Butter


Credit: Chareon Tapaneyasastr

Kids in Market

Credit: Laura Marchant-Short

My Saturdays are never truly complete without a morning visit to Crystal Palace Food Market. Even though trying to leave the house with two small kids and all the crap that they need is a heart-attack-inducing experience, we are always glad to have made the short trek up the hill. Even though at times it feels like climbing Everest with two midget drunkards flopping about demonstrating wildly fluctuating moodswings. I can feel my pulse rate begin to slow down to near-normal the moment I have some of Chas & Momo’s excellent baked goods in my shopping bag, and then I can heave a sigh of relief: the weekend will be ok, we have wonderful bread!!! Which, as some of  you might know, is precisely what I live for.

The market boasts a whole heap of stalls selling delicious things, from shellfish to Russian…

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