Hello and welcome to my blog.

Most days I spend a lot of time thinking about food. What to have for lunch, where to go for dinner, what can I cook, is there time to go to the butcher in my lunch break, are there slugs eating the vegetables on my allotment or is it too early in the year to have a mince pie?

I like cooking for friends, baking for colleagues and dining on delicious fresh food at restaurants. I also have an allotment where I try to keep myself, and in the case of a glut of courgettes, my friends loaded with gorgeous vegetables.

Most of the time I work for as a feature writer for a national newspaper covering everything from celebrity profiles through tragic real-life stories and on to breaking news. But along the way I try to write about food as much as I can, recipe pullouts, chef interviews and consumer stories. You’ll see some stories I’ve had published on this site.

However there are also a lot of experiences which I don’t get to feature and that is why I decided to start this blog. It could be a new restaurant opening, a trip to a food market, a travel experience like cooking lobster on the back of fishing boat, or simply what I have for my dinner but I will share it all.

I hope my posts are successful in recording my love of food as it seemed a waste to let my memory be the only record of what I’ve put in my mouth.  If I use a recipe I’ll credit it and if you spot a mistake please let me know.

I hope you find what I share interesting and I’d be fascinated to hear any suggestions of where and what to eat.

Above all I hope this all makes you hungry.

Thanks for visiting.


ps. If I think something is really delicious I mark it #yummers


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